Times I get close:
– The final stretch of a marathon, when I realize there is more in me than I’d thought 26 miles ago.
– In a classroom when students are responsible for calling on one another in conversation, the class ends, and I have to make them leave so I don’t have to explain myself to their next teachers.
– When my sisters tell me (in whatever way) that I’m a good big brother.
– Riding across the country with my little brother and we were listening to the first season of Serial. The conversation turned to who we’d call if we found ourselves in a similar situation, and he said me.
– An improv show where more than 60% of the material lands.
– Any time an airplane I’m on lands.
– When The Verve’s “Freshmen” comes on the radio and I get to sing along.
– When someone pushes against a thing I believe deeply in my core, and my brain is there to have my back and together we defend my position while leaving the door open for change.
– The Grand Canyon.
– Having to do algebra in my head and realizing I still can.

And, mostly, I don’t feel invincible. Instead, I attempt to be prepared to take on what gets thrown my way as best I can.

This post is part of a daily conversation between Ben Wilkoff and me. Each day Ben and I post a question to each other and then respond to one another. You can follow the questions and respond via Twitter at #LifeWideLearning16.

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