Things I Know 361 of 365: I’m going to have a resolution

i wish it wasn’t so hip not to have a resolution.

Ze Frank

I’m going to have a resolution this year. Usually, I wait until my birthday in March to set goals or guidelines for that year of my life.

Even then, I avoid calling them resolutions.

This year feels like a good year to resolve. According to the online etymology dictionary, resolution has its roots in the Latin resolutionem meaning “process of reducing things into simpler forms.” I could use a bit of that.

I’ll be saving up the actual drafting of the resolution or resolutions for right before midnight as formal imaginary New Year’s Eve regulations require.

For now, I’m happy to be in the brainstorming stage. I’m enjoying having the question tumble around my head – What will I do next year to reduce things to simpler forms?

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