Things I Know 319 of 365: I read about stuff other than education too

I get that the bulk of what I write about has to do about education or ends up being curved toward education no matter how seemingly unrelated it may seem at face value.

I do care about other things. To prove the point, here are 5 blogs I read on a regular basis that are not about education:

1. The Bloggess – My friend Kat turned me on to the Bloggess last year as we were sharing comedic twitter accounts to follow. I through it in my feed reader and didn’t pay it any mind for several months. By the time I got to cleaning out unread posts, several gems from The Bloggess were waiting for me. Irreverent, honest, comedic and slightly askew, The Bloggess makes me laugh on a consistent basis. Perhaps a stronger vote of confidence, there are few blogs I’ve forwarded on to friends more frequently than this one. Here’s a recent favorite post to get you started.

2. 101 Cookbooks – I love eating, cooking, and looking at things that are pretty. 101 Cookboooks satisfies each of these hobbies. Each recipe is beautifully photographed and described as if I was right there in the kitchen as it was being prepared. What’s more, the recipes are supremely followable. My latest endeavor was the Buttermilk Squash Soup. (drool)

3. Music from Go to Whoa – Aside from food, my most frequent consumption involves music. This blog posts new tracks and videos from musicians just this side of the main stream. Check in here has led me to finding bands that have found solid standing in my favorites file – including this video of tUnE-YarDs performing on Jimmy Fallon.

4. FlowingData – Anything that challenges how I think about the world while putting ideas in beautiful order is marked down as a winner in my book FlowingData is just that and provides a regular dose of “Huh, I’d never have thought of that.”

5. The Freakonomics BlogTim and I were talking the other night about how the Freakonomics books and podcast have shifted how we think about the world and led us to ask the question, “What’s really going on here?” The Freakonomics Blog does that with dazzling regularity. It’s a regular read for me, but also requires me to filter from information overload. The bloggers post so much quality content, it’s sometimes difficult for me to keep up. That said, it’s one of my favorite reads.

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