Things I Know 292 of 365: There’s a party going on

Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain.

– Dave Matthews Band

I just arrived home after a day of prepping for writing my final papers across all four classes.

As it turns out, we’re hosting a party in my apartment tonight.

As I type this, people are playing acoustic guitar, bongos and harmonica to “Country Roads.” A guy outside my bedroom door just yelled into his phone, “No, it’s still going. Come over! Right! Now!”

Tomorrow, this will all be an ironic college experience.

Tonight, I’m going to go watch the craziness unfold with no sense of irony.

Also, my roommate is walking around wearing this. I want one. First person to order one for me gets mad props.

Update: There’s now an accordion version of “Wade in the Water.” When did this become my life?

2 thoughts on “Things I Know 292 of 365: There’s a party going on

  1. You should have gone to the SAE semi-formal in Savannah with Sam and Alex.   It sounds like it may be a similiar experience!

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