It’s Happening Again

Two years ago, I committed to writing a blog post a day – each focusing on a “thing I knew”.
At the end of the year, I had 365 posts documenting my thinking in that year. It is a snapshot of who I was during that year and what I was thinking.
After a year off, I’m back for 2013.
I’ll be writing a post a day. As of right now, I have no theme save to say I’ll be writing about what’s going on in my mind in the moment.
My hopes are that this year’s conversations will be as thoughtful and thought-provoking as two years ago.
Either way, I’m excited about starting on another journey of documentation.

One thought on “It’s Happening Again

  1. Awesome…write on! I’ve set a few goals for myself in 2013, one of which being to journal every day. It has to be something in writing, hopefully in my notebook. If not, it goes in the DayOne app on my Mac. If it’s worthy or needed for sharing, I’ll post it on my blog. One day down for me, with success. 364 days to go I guess!

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