If You Hear This Excuse for Bad Teaching (17/365)

The next time you hear someone say “Well, next year things are going to be worse, so that’s why I do bad things,” wherein your replace worse with unengaging/bad/vapid/remedial teaching practices and bad things with an equally horrible junior version of those unengaging/bad/vapid/remedial teaching practices, respond with the following.

I know! I figure they’re all going to be dead some day, so I have them all stay in wooden boxes during class.

2 thoughts on “If You Hear This Excuse for Bad Teaching (17/365)

  1. Ha! Ha! This is related to your “Our Kids” post. Fundamental teaching practices like the ones promoted by Madeline Hunter are impervious to the times.

    • Agree on all counts. Find myself needing to externalize some “Stop doing that” conversations I’ve been having internally for a while.

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