[Comments Requested] We’re Building a Thing (7/365)

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In a country where more than 90% of citizens are products of public schools, educators deserve quality podcasts beyond murder investigations, cults, and politics.* So, we’re building something for your ears. Starting in a few weeks, Kristina Ishmael, Adina Sullivan-Marlow and I will be launching the All the Learning podcast. If the name doesn’t suffice, we’re going for a tone of levity and an all-encompassing topic spread.

All the Learning will also be a podcast about education and learning with an educational point of view – we’re all dedicated to constructivist, constructionist pedagogy and we place a high value on learner inquiry.

We will also be putting an intense premium on practical conversations and research. A personal goal for the podcast will be to make sure listeners can finish each episode with a practical idea they can take back to their classrooms or wherever they’re facilitating learning. We’ll also be reaching out to education researchers, learning scientists, and those folks who talk about education and get talked about in education, but don’t necessarily get to the talking to.

We’ve a few starting interviews lined up to get us ready for launch, and we’re putting togethe lists of topics and names. We’re also hoping for your help. I sent up the social media signal a few days ago and got some of the answers posted below. We’re hoping you can add to the conversation by posting in the comments lists of people, topics, research, and questions you’d like us to tackle throughout our episodes.

From Adam Provost:

1. What schools / states are running personalized learning plans well? 2. Projected impact on your school / state from the US Dept of Ed’s funding cuts and agenda? 3. How many schools have built a schedule / means / ways to promote interdisciplinary learning? 4. How do we promote the conversation to fund rebuilding public schools (that need facility improvements) aka when will youth be as important as building new sports stadiums? 5. How many schools have robust advisory and guidance programs that actively outreach to families… and what’s that structure / staffing ratio / work teams look like? 6. Define ‘innovation’ and what that really looks like at your school. I’ll add 20 or 30 more when you’re ready…

From James Sanders:

Preparing students for solving the future problems of the world.

*We love all those podcasts too.

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