Class for 9-30-05

Welcome to Class!

I’m glad you’re here today.

Today we will accomplish the following goals:
1. Write No. 31.
2. Written response to a prompt for 11 minutes.
3. Completion and mastery of an online writing quiz.

If there is time, additional activities have been prepared.

Task 1

Please write the following in section 4 of your binder:
No. 31 When a guest visits our room, we will be on our best behavior and prepared to answer all questions the guests may have.

Task 2

Please read the prompt below and respond as a comment to this blog posting. If you have questions on how to do that, I will model it for the entire class.

Prompt: Much has been written about the negative effects of television on young people. Are all television shows bad for children? Write for 11 minutes describing a show you feel has a positive impact on today’s teens and explain how the show could be helpful.

When time is called, we will move on to Task 3.

Task 3

Today we will be taking an online quiz. You must work on your own to complete the quiz. To log in, click here. I have your usernames and passwords and will come around with them. You have two tries to master the quiz. You may not use your notes. I know you have been paying attention and should do a great job with this!

49 thoughts on “Class for 9-30-05

  1. Alberto Camacho

    I think some t.v shows are bad and some aren’t. Some shows can teach you somethings. Other cans teach you to do something u aren’t suppose to do. Some show can teach u some respect, responiblie, and to be kind. The bad shows can teach young people who look up to celebrities and when they do something bad the young people want t do the same thing.

    When can i get my pringles??=)

  2. Roshanda conaway
    period 1

    The show that i think is good for teens to watch.I think that the Romeo show is a good t.v show because it always have a moral to the story.That’s why I say that it is a good show

  3. Lindsay Arrigo

    Today TV has elevated in oisitive and negative ways . Some TV is innapropreate and some is exeptional . One show tha has a positive effect on teens is the real-world austin on MTV ( odd choice ) It shows todays teens he trobbles of living in a house with other , and going out , and having very large responsibilities .

    anyways ……

    Much has been written about the negative effects of television on young people. Are all television shows bad for children? Write for 11 minutes describing a show you feel has a positive impact on today’s teens and explain how the show could be helpful.
    No not all television shows are bad for children. Dora the Explorer is a good show for kids because she speaks english in the show,but later on in the show she will start teaching you how to speak spanish. The show could also be helpful because later on in life you will probably have to know spanish. Teletubbies is also a good show for kids under the age 5 or something like that. You can learn from that because they are help you count and help you learn more stuff. Barney the big purple dinasour is a great show for little kids to watch.Barney helps you sing and count 1-10 and alot of other stuff it teaches you.

  5. cortney wheeler
    a tv show that has a very good impact on teens is the muary show because it shows you things that happens in the real world

  6. Hung Dong

    the show that i think is good for teen to watch is abc family becuase it teach you how to taker your selft and take your family and also it help you learn alot about life and also it help ALOT OF PEOPLE SO THAT WHY THAT IS THE SHOW THEY SHUT WATCH.

  7. Monte Morrison
    Not all televison is bad some of the things are bad like rated r and when you watch shows it tells you what is the rating is. One of favorite shows is Everybody hates Chris and it is for all ages it is very funny. The other show is Dakota beating Cherokee like 100 to 0! Then im going to run Dealexander over if he gets in the game.

  8. Danesha Hunter
    September 30,2005

    I don’t think that all tv shows are bad. Some of the tv shows that I consider bad are Family Guy, Future Roma. Good tv programs are Life Time, The Health channeland the discovery channel.

  9. casey hopson
    well the best show that effects teens would have to be real world because the people in it are a little older then we are and we might be like them in like 3 to 4 years from now soo that is why i would have to sey the best show that effects teens lifes would have to be the real world on mtv sooo that is all that i can think off right know sooooo good bye………. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  10. Celeste Fortier
    I dont think that all shows are appropriate for young people. For example young kids shouldn’t be watching the Simpsons because it’s negative and can influence them on making bad choices. But some shows are good because it teaches you good stuff. Some young people can look up to a character of a t.v show and then the character does something bad so it might influence them because they think its right cause the character is doing it.

  11. sammi manley,
    no not all tv shows are bad for kids to watch because some shows help teach things that could be very importent. for example, the real world because i lets kids see how people can grow to like other people even tho you dont know them. and to not juge people on how they look because you never how they could become your best friend.

  12. Tommy Russellllllllllllllllllll
    I do not think tv is bad for anybody. You just have to be able to understand that most of it is not even real life so it is no big deal.Most tv shows do say bad words or whatever but you have to understand that it is just a show and NOT real. Most new shows coming out are retarted anyways.

  13. rojonic lewis
    I can’t think of any cool t.v show that would be positive for a teen to wach. I can’t wait to go to my little brother’s game tomarrow.I also want to see the guy that I like there oopss that’s time!

  14. Elijah davis
    i dont think tat the tv has hade an impact on teens because they are smarter now days and they no most of all the tv shows are mostly fake and we arenot stupid enough to try impossile things and stunts.

  15. SHATERIA WILLIAMS: I think television is not a bad thing for little kids these days because everyone is going to watch t.v even if we dont their still bad stuff out there that kids can look at instead of t.v so i think its not a problem.

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  17. I’Eishia Golden:I think there is nothing wrong with little kids watching T.V.. For example what about PBS Kids where they teach litle kids how to spell,speak spanish,read,write,and say their ABC’s. S I think that there is noting wrong with little kids watching T.V..+ you learn more respect.

  18. I think TV has gone downhill from when our parents were children. Some TV has an educational valuelike animal planet, discovery and, the history channel. Alot of TV is just for entertainment now. And i love it. I do think some of the shows have gotten out of control. If you look at disney movies and listen real hard they always refer to sex or something or another you just have to listen. Nick shows are still ok i guess i dont watch that anymore. Now MTV that is a popular channel everything is sexual but thats all good its what entertains teenagers to do and thats what the people want the more sexual orientation and the language the higher the ratings. Honestly i dont think shows benefit anybody these its all for entertainment

  19. Madeline Kinney
    Period 4

    Most T.V. shows created today are not acceptable for younger children to watch.There are a rare few which actually educate kids, the rest are just for entertainment purposes. Children should be reading and developing certain skills they will need to later excel in, instead of filling their minds with what the television shows offer.
    Most shows are made for the enjoyment of adults. And almost all shows on t.v. show some sort of violence,drugs, or any other illegal activity, which is innapropriate for young kids to watch.

  20. Donnie Brinson

    I think some t.v shows are good for young people for example B.E.T
    is the best show for young people it show how you have the freedom f speech to say wut you want on t.v it shows us bin you aint gonna be something with yourself then start rapping so you can get rich fast.

  21. Not all t.v shows are bad like spongbob square pants tht show is nothing but cartoons and comedy.Many cartoons arent that bad but some are good actually most of them are good its just most of the adults these days dont like any tv show for there children. Also some shows are very bad that shouldnt even be on tv like on halloween there are so many sary movies on and many kids get scared and cant sleep. the get to scared to sleep on there own.I ave a little sister named meaghan and she is a little scardy cat hen i comes to sleeping in her own room. i was wacthing her one night when my mom was out and i was watching a movie with my friend sarah and i made a mistake of letting my sister watch the movie it with me she is tooo scared to sleep on her own. I regret ever letting her watch any scary movies with me.

  22. the cmertions that say dont do drugs.
    that is a positive comertiol.
    televition is good for teens.
    they teach teens the evils of doing grugs.
    like the tabacco comertiols that make fun of the people that make ciggarets.
    i think that is a relly funny comertiol.
    i think that teens should b able 2 wach televititon in the schools.
    i think that the schools should get videos that teach kids just like a teacher would.
    i bet that if we had videos in the classroom then kids would pay more attention in school and learn more then they would if ther wernt any televitions in the class.
    televition is the best thing that ever hapend in the world.
    if we didnt have it then how would poeple waste time that they dont need.
    the worl would b boring.
    the only thig we would have is radios and tht wouldnt b very fun at all.
    if i wer presidentthen i would make every school have a televition in it that showed educational videos so kids would learn more about the subject.
    they would pay attention more b/c they r doing more tyhat just waching a guy up at the frnt of the class being boring.
    what would u rather do, wach televition or wach a boring teacher?

  23. Well as you may know there are lots of tv shows.One of my favorites is drake and josh.They could help people to be more organized.The show helps you to solve your problems and get trough them by helping each other out so not all tv shows are bad.

  24. ok my name is jordan bledsoe
    and there are some tv shows that
    are bad and some that are good but lets get to the good the bad and the ugly the good stuff is the discovery channel the bad is the hbo nudity the ugly is porno it teaches you dirty things but we want something o hep us learn and get knowledge and put clean thingsin our minds but i think that we should have tv shows in the morning it can be in the class rooms on the moniter the morning anouncements or something like that but we should be learning stuff like the titanic sank in 1983 or something or animal planet well im out

  25. i don’t think tv is bad for anybody because as long as i like it then i can watch it. if i don’t like it then i just will try to find another show that i like. if i can’t find any shows then i will put in a dvd that i like.

  26. noggin is good for teens because they teach students how to be good students.or kids.and also the show teaches kids to be responsible teens or kids.

  27. A show that I think is positive for young people to watch is Dora The Explorer.The reason why I think That is a positive show is because,it teaches you a different language.At some jobs you may have to know how to speak spainsh.Also its educative because,it teach you how to do educative things such as using a map.

  28. shows usally contain lots of vilenc i learn alot from tv for example from watching tv i think i know how to kill a gut with a ninja star but i wouldent really try to do anything like that anyways but i watch tv to be intertained for 4…5..6..hours maybe all day hours i think it influwences littel kids because i had a five year old told me to f*** off but i think its getting vilent they shold not watch t.v. so much i think doesnt t.v. enough but ohhhhhh well you got to see that show my name is earl its soooo funny watch it got to go back to ok bye

  29. i think that not all t.v shows are good for childrens because some of the t.v shows are playboy shows and that is how childrens start to do bad stuff that they are not supposed to do.

  30. Not all shows are bad.Some are inportant,like the history chanle has inportans in it.But there are some that are no good abd are nasty,but trying too be funny.But some are funny abd arnt nasty.

  31. i dont think everything on tv is bad. because my brothers and sisters watch some pretty eucational stuff. i watch good stuff to lik espn animal planet and other good stuff.

  32. i thnk that the shows on t.v are ok teens should no whats right and whats wrong so no really think thAT THE T.V SHOWS ON t.v are notbad hey are all fake!!

  33. I think television shows are not bad for children, well not all of them. The show called simpsons is not that bad, except for some children. So I think some television are not bad for childre if there parents allow them to watch them if they will tell them they can watch the shows.

  34. Some people say that televison shows are bad for children.In mt opinion no because there is educatinal television.Also other children could learn diffrently and ir could be esaier for other children because theycould understand things better visually then just some one talking about it.

  35. animal planetis a good sw becuase it teaches teens about the wild is teens go to the wild they kno what to do when a snakes bittes the.

  36. Some show are bad some shows are good. Younger kids look up to older celeberties in many ways. Like if a celebertie does something to help some one who is in need the younger kid will look up to them and do the same. but if the celebertie does something bad like kill someone in a movie.The younger kids will think it is ok for them to do it when they grow up. But its not ok.

  37. I think that t.v. Is not bad because non of it is bad at all and the only reson people do is because parents rely on the tv so much they use it as a babysitter and not confess up 2 there own fault and failer and that if one group of people don’t like a show itsnt fair 2 take it off for the rest I think they should just not rely on tv so much. the best show is family guy cuz its tiight and its funny and its supa educationalish. iownall

  38. ***jerry springer***
    i think that shows like jerry spinger and oprea are ok 4 teens because b4 the show
    its says viewer disdration is orderd kids should no whats right and wrong okkk!!!!
    <3*dezzerray smith

  39. samantha conklin

    well i don’t think that all t.v show are bad for kids but im not saying that all shows are good some of the bd shows are south park,porno and many other things.But mainly i know parents are woried about there children watching porno

  40. A posotive show i think is good for kid is spongebob because it makes kid laugh and they love it that why i think spongebob is a good show

  41. a show that i thank has a positive impact for teens these days is the maury show on channel 11 monday through friday because everything that they watch on maury thay learn things from it. they learn not too do the negative things in life it convince them not too do those things they see they won’t want to be on t.v trying too find out who there baby daddy is or won’t be trying too get pregent at a young age . they will go down the right path.

  42. *playboy* & *south park*

    i think that most tv shows do negative stuff on young people so that they would whatch the tv shows more. cause most young people think bad stuff is real cool and funny.some kids do stuff just like that they see on tv shows so they become cool or funny.

  43. Moesha is a good show for teens because of it showing how some teens make mistakes and how you should talk to to your parents when you make those mistakes an also how you handles those mistakes.But all adult sows are bad for children some parents allow thier children to watch adult shows. many other shows inspires children too but I think moesha is the best because i love that show and it inspires me to do alot of things so maybe parents should ipact their children on moesha!!!!

  44. laguna beach, because I think hat is the show for teens, it shows about drama and it is very intresting to me and probably the same for others. And also it’s all about teens too and how they are out of school and have fun.

    And another show is sweet sixteen,it’s also about teens and how they are very rich and they get any thing they want for their birthday(16th b-day)

  45. well, mtv is a good show every one watches because it shows alot of other shows like wilinout, and NexT.IT Helps teens to become what they want to do when they become older.Also the show Maury because it talks about the things going on today.Teens having sex at young ages some teens as in girls getting pregnet and its good because thats whats going on today in this world and we all should know this so alot of teens watch this show because its very interesting and learnative thats all the shows I can think of off todays quote.


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