150/365 Make Tufte Proud

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks, unsure as to whether or not I’d publicize it. I’ve decided to go ahead because cool stuff is cool, and you like to play.

If you’ve seen any of Hans Rosling’s TED talks, then you’ve likely thought to yourself, “I’d like to make something like that.”

Well, it turns out you can. The folks over at Density Design have put together a fairly seamless infographic tool called Raw that is as easy as copying and pasting data and then throwing a few switches.

The price? Free. Well, it’s free if you don’t count opening the gates to bad design the same way Google Forms made everything look like a form was the perfect hammer.

Anyway, watch the video below, and give it a try. What uses can you find for it? What about your students?

Raw – Basic Tutorial from DensityDesign on Vimeo.

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