133/365 Change for Good (that made me feel good)

I’ve never seen Wicked. I’ve started the book, and enjoyed what I read before I got distracted by other, louder things. That said, I can sing along with the entirety of the soundtrack and have taken the road trips to prove it. #noshame

I saw the video below come across several of my feeds. Nothing flashy, just notes from various bloggers and news sources that something good had happened and they were passing it along.

Finally, last night, I took the time to watch. I don’t know why this video caught my eye or seemed important to pass on. Maybe it’s the hope of the moment captured here. Maybe it’s the fact that one of the messages is that the surprisingly talented voice belongs to a teacher. I’m not quite sure. What I do know is that I’ll likely be stockpiling this in the playlist of videos that make me smile. I’m always glad to add to that list.

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